Workshops & Webinars

are you ready to get yourself unstuck?

It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Went down a rabbit. Got a little lost. Although now you are ready to see the light again. What’s done is done. What can you do about it?

As I say to everyone. Begin. Baby steps. Just take some feckin action. Once you decide you want a new direction. Start with a small plan. And that’s where you can rely on us. We are here to pull, kick, and drag when necessary you back into motion. With your express permission, of course 😉

We offer a range of lubricating solutions to make the transition easier. Some people prefer jumping in at the deep end, the masochists, others prefer a more gentle unfolding process. It really depends on how ready you are! 

Male mechanic stuck his head under the hood on car junkyard. Auto scrap, vehicle junk, automobile garbage. Abandoned, damaged and crushed transport, scrapyard
Man hiding in bed under the white sheets feeling scared alone

trust us, our programmes are not for the faint-hearted

Transformation can be a little uncomfortable. I lie. It’s bloody scary. And a lot of time people want to run from it. Nevertheless, we know that something needs to change. Generally, this thing is us. 

We require your unfathomable commitment. Were there to be any doubt at this point, then just stop wasting both of our time. Move on. This is not for you. We need 100%. The only way this is going to work for you is with you throwing yourself in head first, and believing there is a reason why you came across this. It is fate. It is meant to be. And you are going to take action!

Next step. What are you ready for?  

Online & Offline Workshops

We have purpose based programmes for those who are ready to take the next small step. It is vital that you take things at the pace that works for you. These can range from 1-day workshops offline to 6-week programmes online. 

Please remember. Don’t waste your money and our energy unless you are really going to actually attempt this properly.

Taste of Purpose - 1 year programme

Hello all masochists. Enough is enough. You are ready to take the big leap. We are here for you. Our 1-year programme is all about you finding the courage to give up your old life with the knowledge there is a better and more meaningful life out there for you.

Old me is ready to die!

Collective Webinars

Need to shake up your community! Bring us in front of your sleepy heads and we will truly blow away the cobwebs and shock them awake. Our webinars are designed to reignite people at their core. Remind them that they only live once. Help them rediscover their passion, examine who they are, and reevaluate their values.

Asking them the big question.
Why the f😍ck are you here??? 

It's time. to blow our own trumpet

You are in. Although with whom?

You will be working with people that actually love what they do. I, Sam, have been pondering this concept of purpose and passion since I was around 8 years of age. I really didn’t like school. So, I made sure I really liked college. I began facilitating in 1995 and since then have trained thousands of people and designed courses for a multitude of purposes. My comrade Rado, finished his studies in law before realising. Hold on one second, this isn´t me. He then went on to study psychology and that’s where we met, 4 years ago and began this journey together. We select every member of our team based on their drive, passion, skill, and determination. We believe that the world is a better place when it is filled with more people who are doing something that is aligned with themselves. We know this is where excellence derives from.

We are here to help realign you. 

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