Is your life missing something?

Maybe you’re studying something that doesn’t make you happy. Maybe you’re stuck in a meaningless job. Or you are surrounded by the wrong people.

And you desperately want to find the solution…

Taste Your Purpose

Is a 1-year programme where you:
  • Spend time in 4 European countries.
  • Develop skills from jobs of your choice.
  • Meet people from all over the world.
  • Learn crucial, essential and vital life skills.
  • Work with industry experts living their purpose.
  • Develop or improve your language skills.
  • Understand your values and thoughts.
  • Get to know yourself even better.
  • Begin finding your purpose.
Successful team at work. Group of business people working together and communicating in the modern office. Business concept. Teamwork

Are you ready to make sacrifices?

To challenge yourself? To get completely outside your comfort zone?

Work, Learn and Live in 4 different countries.

And begin your transformation!




Change is hard and uncomfortable.
You’ll try four different jobs and may have to work with people that irritate you. There may be financial stress. Maybe your accommodation situation won’t be exactly what you want. After a while, you’ll be sick and tired of our classes and assignments.

It might begin to feel like shit.


Be honest with yourself.... can you really commit?

Sam & Rado push you towards your purpose with passion

We have the skill, tools and attitude to get you to create a life which excites and motivates you. 

Experienced with over 30 years jointly in coaching, facilitation, innovation, and psychology we lay down a path that drives you to see who you are, so you can transform where you want to go in your life. Using a mixture of self-directed learning, coaching, group facilitation and innovative techniques you are propelled forward.

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What's next?

Please fill in the form below and in the coming weeks you will receive a digital brochure outlining specifics of the programme…

Please be aware that places are limited.