Purpose Coaching

Are you ready for a happier life?

Yes, we are being serious. You can have a life with meaning? It all starts with you!

Asking for help. Frustrated young businessman holding paper with text and looking at camera while standing against grey background

Everyone needs help now and again. First, you need to ask.

We offer you one-to-one coaching to help you on your road to discovering your purpose. The first and hardest step normally is realising and accepting you need help. Most people waste a lot of time giving out about how difficult their lives are, although don’t take the necessary steps to change them.
Is that you?

yes it is scary and can feel too much

you don't have to do it alone

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sure feck it. the life I have isn't that bad. everyone is miserable. why do I deserve any better?

A lot of people believe there is nothing they can do to change their reality. They accept the prison cell that they have built and long ago threw away the key or misplaced it. 

Somewhere inside you, you know things can be different. Choose to do something about it today. Every day you continue to accept you can’t do anything about it, is another day wasted and unfulfilled. 

Are there any signs that say I need this?

I'm Completely Lost And Feel Like All Hope Is Gone

When you feel hopeless or a bit of a failure or unable to get anything done, you need to take action. You need to work with someone who can guide you back and help see your value.

When you feel lost or like all hope is gone, you absolutely need a life coach.

I'm Unable To Define A Clear Vision. What Do I WANT?

Do you feel like a rowing boat floating aimlessly in the ocean? With no direction, no compass, and no sight of land to be seen. Are you feeling despair about where to go next?

Life coaches help cut through all your noise and get clear on what it is you want. 

The Passion I Once Had For Life Is Totally Gone

How long has it been since I felt excited about what I do? Have I been asleep? How have I ended up here just doing things because I have to? What happened to that person that used to be thrilled by life?

Finding your spark is possible when you are able to get perspective on where you are.

My Health, Relationships, and Career are In Disarray

Our outward world is reflective of our inner world. A bit like the phrase, a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. The chaos is reflective of a misalignment between where you are and where you are going.

Take some guidance to find your path and help get you back on track.


I'm Easily Sidetracked and forget what I´m doing

Generally when you are doing something you love you keep focused because it holds you. Can you remember how time disappeared the last time you had an amazing conversation?

Discovering what  brings you alive is better achieved when you work with someone.

My Anxiety And Stress Are Recurring Themes. It's all the time.

Do you realise the importance of maintaining overall healthy nourishment in all the areas of your life, rather than just living to work? When we fail to observe these, generally leads to burnout and stress.

You are not meant to do it alone, allow a coach to help you find your equilibrium.

I Simply Don’t Know Where To Begin to make changes

How do you eat an elephant? Starting on this vast journey can feel epic and overwhelming. When we put ourselves under so much pressure it can paralyze us in our tracks.

Start with the toe! Coaching helps you plan your future in bite-sized goals and actions.

My Beliefs are Limiting and are Holding Me Back

Mindset is everything. When you keep dealing with a problem using the same solution, you get the same results. Seeing it from a different point of view gives you a different solution.

Getting assistance with turning problems around creates new oppurtunities.

I never seem to be able to Follow Through With my Goals

A person who doesn’t want to give up smoking never will. Your goals need to be aligned with your values. At times we forget to stop and ask ourselves what this is. We are motivated when we feel passionate.

Our coaching is about rediscovering who you really are and what makes you spark.