How knowing yourself well can help with your future career and overall happiness.

Self reflection

Finding a job that is aligned with your values is essential for living a life of purpose and fulfillment. Knowing what you value – both in terms of work and life in general – can help you make decisions that are more authentic to who you truly are. It’s also important to understand how the skills and experience you have, or can develop, relate to the type of job or career path that best aligns with your values.

When it comes to finding a job, it’s important to consider not just how much money it pays but also what kind of environment it offers. Working in an environment where you feel valued and respected is essential for mental health, as well as overall wellbeing. Having meaningful relationships at work and feeling like part of a team can be even more valuable than having a high salary alone.

In order to discover which values are most important to us, we need firstly get clear on who we are and what matters most in our lives. The Japanese concept known as ‘Ikigai’ (or “life worth living”) helps us identify our purpose by looking at four major areas: What do I love? What am I good at? What does the world need from me? And lastly, what will give me financial security? Answering these questions allows us gain clarity on what matters most and helps guide our decision-making when choosing which job might be right for us.

It’s also important that we focus on developing ourselves holistically so that we can bring out the best versions of ourselves into whatever role we choose – this could include anything from learning new skills related directly to the role itself; honing existing skills such as communication or problem-solving; taking up hobbies outside of work; doing regular exercise; practising mindfulness; connecting with nature etc – all depending on individual preference! Doing so enables personal growth while helping create balance between work life & home life too – something which many people struggle with today!

Ultimately, understanding your values gives insight into why certain jobs may not be right for you – even if they pay well – while others may offer greater satisfaction due their alignment with your core beliefs & motivations. Finding such roles requires time & effort but eventually leads to greater fulfilment & happiness long term!

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