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Our team live the 'Ikigai' ethos and are doing something they love. what the world needs, they get paid for and are skilled at.

Co-founder & Facilitator
Sam has worked in the field of education, technology and community for over 25 years. An experienced facilitator, course creator, business consultant and life coach. He is driven by...

Co-founder & Facilitator
Radovan received law degree (LLM) in Comenius University, Bratislava in 2015. After spending some time abroad, he decided to move to Ireland in March 2016. Based on....

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We are continuously developing programmes for individuals, schools and organisations.

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The Academy of Purpose reignites everyone’s passion and purpose in learning through programmes that excite them about where they are in their lives and where they are going. Our courses help develop the person and their outlook on their world and the needs of the world around them.

“Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use To Change The World.”

Nelson Mandela

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What better way to understand the effectiveness of our courses than to hear from the participants.

"Ikigai is an amazing idea. I can say I feel clearer now on what I am going to do over the next few years. The tutors were great.."
"I found the programme really enjoyable. Rado and Sam gave us different activities that made us think about our passions and at the end we created our personal action plan. "
"I liked the class on Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thoughts. The videos and stories they showed us were very cool too."
"I really feel like I learned something about myself. It was the first time I heard about Growth mindset and it inspired me not to be afraid of failure but keep trying."

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