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Pathways To Purpose: Transition Year Programme

The programme helps students explore their skills, passions, careers and what the world needs through the lens of the ‘Ikigai model.’ They will investigate Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Growth Mindset and clarify their Values. The final phase will give them the opportunity of designing a future roadmap with a concrete action plan and next steps.

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Our programmes are designed with the users' needs and growth in mind, allowing them to continuously improve their learning of the material.

Online Journalling

Every student can record their learning online in a private space allowing them to reflect and practise into the future.

Idea Sharing

Learners can continuously use our subject forums to discuss and reflect on concepts that they have covered in class.

Further Resources

We continuously support our learns with new relevant articles and links going forward to help them further their progression.

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What better way to understand the effectiveness of our courses than to hear from the participants.

Frequently ask questions

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Are there any other things that you were wondering about that perhaps we can answer right here and save you some time?

The Academy of Purpose team are more than willing to visit any location in the 32 counties of Ireland. To reduce running costs we recommend trying to run multiple class programmes concurrently whenever possible. (Entrance to schools may be affected by current pandemic restrictions.)

Yes, in some circumstances. We are always open to customising our programmes where the need calls for it. A lot of time and thought has gone in to developing the courses to meet the requirements of its participants. Nevertheless, we will always endeavour to work with organisations to create content that is inline with their philosophies. Additional costs for customisation may be required.

We have specifically designed our programmes for certain demographics as this leads to more tailored content that speaks to the participant personally. As we learn from feedback and suggestions we will broaden our reach with more versions of courses for other demographics. We recommend where possible following our target group suggestions.

Our WordPress LMS is one the industry leading ones,  DesignThemes LMS Addon. This allows paid students access to a private secure area that enables them to record their progress over the course of their programme. This also hosts their reflective journal and resources they can use going forward.

Generally as a rule of thumb the AOP team work on a needs based analysis for every learning situation, adapting our pedagogical approach on what is most suited at the point in time. Nevertheless, we tend to lean towards a more Learning-Centred Pedagogy whilst our pedagogical approach in delivery is a mixture of constructivist, collaborative,  integrative, inquiry based and reflective. 

Our class size minimum requirement is based upon the costs required to meet our running costs and therefore we do offer programmes for smaller classes although it will have  price per student implication. We also offer online class options which reduce the cost per student. Please contact us for more details about this.

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