Are you a person with a growth or fixed mindset?

Growth mindset

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all. 
— Dale Carnegie

Are you a person with a growth or fixed mindset? Since I was a child I believed that I could learn anything. I was doing well at school and my teachers and parents praised me for my accomplishments. But when I decided to change my career in the mid-20s, I had to start from scratch. I felt like I had no skills. I was useless. I had a vision, but what was it good for, when I didn’t know how to make it work? It was a tough time. I doubted myself and I thought – “maybe I am good at memorising texts, but I suck at using my brain in real life”. That was the time when I realised I had to change my mindset. I had to go back to “I can learn anything” and accept that in order to achieve my goals, I needed to get better at certain skills (English, discipline, creativity, planning) or learn new ones (marketing). And I started to work on myself. I invested my time and money and signed up for different courses. I took the first one, then second, third, fourth…. and I could see how I’ve been improving and making the first steps towards my vision.

My renewed growth mindset helped me believe in myself again. Nowadays I am not afraid to make mistakes anymore, because I am aware that no one has ever learnt anything without failing first multiple times. Everyone has the potential to learn any type of skill. Some can be slower and some faster. And that’s ok because we are all different. And once we start practising it, the skill becomes automatic and we will be laughing at memories from when we began to learn it. Growth mindset is one of the topics we cover in our programme ‘Pathway to Purpose’, which gives you the essential tools in helping you design a roadmap for finding your purpose.

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