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Are you ready to make the move and change your life?

Do you need people around you who understand you?

Feeling lost, lack purpose, or you want to learn new skills?

Our program is The solution.

Bored and tired African American teen college student during boring lesson video call. Technology concept. E-learning and Education concepts.

Taste Your Purpose

A 1-year programme where you:
Spend time in four European countries.
Gain skills from jobs of your choice (in each country one).
Meet people from all over Europe (and possibly the world).
Attend classes on topics that are crucial for every aspect of your life.
Receive lectures from people who have achieved something.
Learn the basics of four European languages.
Understand your values and thoughts.
Get to know yourself better.
Maybe find your purpose.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Shot of a young man celebrating on the beach

Are you ready to make sacrifices? Challenge yourself? Get completely outside your comfort zone?
Work, Learn and Live in 3 different countries.
And begin your transformation!

Change is hard and uncomfortable.
You’ll try four different jobs and may have to work with people that irritate you. There may be financial stress. Maybe your accommodation situation won´t be exactly what you want. After a while you’ll be sick and tired of our classes and assignments. It might begin to feel like shit.

Be honest with yourself.... can you really commit?