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Our programmes are adapted to suit the varying needs of those who look to change.

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Hands-on practical tutorials delivered by passionate facilitators.

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All Courses are updated regularly with on-going access to educational resources.

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What makes us tick

Our Story

The founders of Rado & Sam met due to a common passion in the subject of purpose. They began developing the first Academy of Purpose programme in August 2019. This led to the launch of their first 11-week course in February 2020 with a group of 10 people. Throughout 2020 they began exploring and developing a range of other programmes. This began with classes for schools and corporate, both in-person and online.

Our most recent venture is our 1-year international programme called ‘Taste Your Purpose’.  

Our Vision

A world where educational systems nurture people to have a meaning in their lives and they reach their greatest potential.

Our Mission

We will create and deliver personal development programs through experiential learning that help participants explore their purpose, become more resilient and have a greater sense of self.


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Radovan received law degree (LLM) in Comenius University, Bratislava in 2015. After spending some time abroad, he decided to move to Ireland in March 2016. Based on his own experience, he realised that students aren’t being motivated by the current educational system to discover their passion and are missing guidance to the real life. His passion is to inspire people to use their potential, overcome false beliefs and live a purposeful life, especially the professional one.  He has been working on Academy of Purpose courses with Sam since 2019 and together they aim to facilitate students in finding their purpose and think critically.

Samuel Lyons

Sam has worked in the field of education, technology and community for over 25 years. An experienced facilitator, course creator, business consultant and life coach. He is driven by a passion for purpose and personal development throughout his life. Living and promoting the philosophy of ‘do something you love’ is his mantra. In 2016 he returned to college to do a Master’s in Design Innovation. Whilst further focusing on the area of life purpose, he came across the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’. A couple of years later fortune brought Rado into his life, and they shared a love of ‘life purpose’. This has led to the development of the “Academy of Purpose since late 2019.


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